Typing Games

So, you think you can type? Try giving one of these typing games a your best shot. These games will challenge you to type as quickly as possible, forcing you to see just how well you know where each key is. Try to work under the pressure of keeping bombs at bay by quickly typing the right letter in Doomsdale! Protect your home planet by typing the assigned word in Typing Defense. Fend off an ever worsening threat of planetary destruction by typing words that destroy imminent threats in Moon Type.

Daily Quote Typing
Logo QuizLogo Quiz
Fast TyperFast Typer
Typing DefenseTyping Defense
Zombie TypocalypseZombie Typocalypse
Word MachineWord Machine
Keyboard MayhemKeyboard Mayhem
Letter ScrambleLetter Scramble
Spiderman 2 - Web of WordsSpiderman 2 - Web of Words
Text Twist 2Text Twist 2
Typing ExpertTyping Expert
Semantic WarsSemantic Wars
Finger FrenzyFinger Frenzy
Word MasterWord Master
The SentenceThe Sentence
Key KrusherKey Krusher
Typing TidepoolTyping Tidepool
Hangman PirateHangman Pirate
Word FissionWord Fission
Cup StackingCup Stacking
Keyboard ClimberKeyboard Climber
Word MagnateWord Magnate
Word FrenzyWord Frenzy
Frozen TypingFrozen Typing
Words on the BeachWords on the Beach
Moon TypeMoon Type
Typing Game CollectionTyping Game Collection
Typing SpeedTyping Speed
Text MateText Mate
The Typing of the GhostsThe Typing of the Ghosts
Ninja HunterNinja Hunter
Ink BattleInk Battle
Cake FairyCake Fairy
When Words AttackWhen Words Attack
Massacre StreetMassacre Street
QWERTY Warriors 2QWERTY Warriors 2
Keyboard NinjaKeyboard Ninja
Spelling ScrambleSpelling Scramble
Clockwords - PreludeClockwords - Prelude
Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
1 Word 10 Tries1 Word 10 Tries
Air TyperAir Typer
Moon Type 2Moon Type 2
My Typing Word GameMy Typing Word Game
Color ArchersColor Archers
Words and PhysicsWords and Physics
Key BricksKey Bricks
Keyboard ActionHeroKeyboard ActionHero
Arachnid FallsArachnid Falls
Sandwich WordsSandwich Words
CDE Toy Store TypingCDE Toy Store Typing
Girigiri RunGirigiri Run
Tommy Q Zombie DefenderTommy Q Zombie Defender
Key TowerKey Tower
Gunsmoke Hell-o-WeenGunsmoke Hell-o-Ween
Type Type RevolutionType Type Revolution
Sun StoriesSun Stories
Let Them FlyLet Them Fly
Ghost GameGhost Game
QWERTY WarriorsQWERTY Warriors
Krazy KeyzKrazy Keyz
Alpha AttackAlpha Attack
Fire TyperFire Typer
Letter HuntLetter Hunt
Alpha DropAlpha Drop
Space WordsSpace Words
Excuses ExcusesExcuses Excuses
Type TossType Toss
The Wizard's NotebookThe Wizard's Notebook
Two ThreeTwo Three
Keyboard DefenderKeyboard Defender
Typing Master BubblesTyping Master Bubbles
Letters MasterLetters Master
Ninja CatNinja Cat
Daily Quote Typing 2Daily Quote Typing 2
Dragon UniversityDragon University
Type a BalloonType a Balloon
Baron von TypesfastBaron von Typesfast
Icarus Proudbottom Teaches TypingIcarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing
Word MountainWord Mountain
Duckey Bath HangmanDuckey Bath Hangman
Snake ABCSnake ABC
Word GrooveWord Groove
Wordy UpWordy Up
Word PursuerWord Pursuer
Dinosaur Word ScrambleDinosaur Word Scramble
Sum TracksSum Tracks
Math MissileMath Missile