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Typing Master Bubbles

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Typing Master Bubbles

Typing Master Bubbles

Ever wonder how quickly you can type? Put your skills to the test in this fast-paced typing game and see just how quickly you can type the letters that float onto your screen. Bubbles containing various letters will scroll from the bottom, floating to the water's surface. The goal is to type the letter seen in the bubble before it reaches the top of your screen to earn points. You're only allowed to miss 10 letters before the game ends, so work quickly to type all of the letters that appear on your screen to continue. Your progress is timed to determine just how many words per minute you can type, so challenge yourself and see just how quickly you can operate your keyboard in this fun online typing game for kids!

How To Play Typing Master Bubbles

Use your keyboard to type the floating letters before they reach the top of your screen to earn points!

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