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Life doesn't end when you finish your last day at work. For those who don't dream and wish for something more, maybe that is the last day, but for those hard working and energetic people the retirement can be a good provocation of thinking of new challenges. Off course, those challenges should be keeping with the energy, the will and the possibilities of the person we are talking about. Some people say, I don't want to retire because I don't know what to do with all the spare time I will have for myself at home. Other say, I don't have grandchildren, so who will complete my time during the retired days? But, some third party thinks of how to fulfill some of the dreams of the youth. Maybe you have been working as a secretary for a whole life, and you were excellent cooker, but never dared to open your own restaurant and show the world your magic.We have such a good example for you today. Martha is retired person, but that doesn't stop her to think innovatively and to start a new business. She has been working in the same company for 40 years and simply couldn't dare to try her in her hobby, cooking. She is a wonderful chef and her meals always get compliments from her friends and relatives. Martha decides to open her own restaurant with homemade kitchen. She didn't have enough money to open the flat, but with a small credit and help from her friends, she made it. And what would you do without good friends? Martha needs some help in the arrangement of the space, where the restaurant should be, but in the kitchen as well, because for the grand opening, she wants to prepare the best meals for her special guests. If we could only taste her dishes?

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