Headless Zombie Chicken

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Enter the crazy farm of Headless Zombie Chicken and satiate the hunger for flesh of the mad chicken with as many brains and organs as you can. With a diet that exclusively contains meat, the chicken is definitely an atypical animal, so it is a prime target to get eliminated by the farmer, who certainly can't explain how such a creature even exists. One explanation is that the chicken is some sort of zombie, and one of the surest ways to eliminate these types of monsters is a swift decapitation. This method of execution is also what the farmer has chosen, so in order to get to your juicy meal you have to dodge the hits of the farmer.

Each time you successfully manage to feast, your stomach slowly gets filled with the delicious nutrients. You win the game when you are full. But with each successful bite, the farmer adapts his strategy, and the way he hits changes, and the chances to deliver the finishing blow become more difficult with each round. Sometimes the rhythm of the hits changes, the speed at which he chops or a combination of both is what he will try to finish you once and for all. And even if he manages to detach your head from the rest of your body, you still get another chance to finish the game.

While you are trying to feed as much as you can and satiate your appetite, a bunch of chickens, similar to you, cheer you on and become over-joyous when they see you succeed. This lends to the atmosphere of Headless Zombie Chicken} and really immerses you in the spooky world of this game. The visuals and the sounds combine and create the fascinating world of Headless Zombie Chicken, which is one that you won't soon forget.

Eat all the brains you can when you play Headless Zombie Chicken on Wordgames.com.

How to play

The head of the chicken will follow the mouse position on the screen. Move your mouse to control the head of the chicken. Click when near the meat to take a bite.

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This game can be played only on PC