Short Life

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If the title of the game has stirred your curiosity, after you play the first level of Short Life all your questions about why the game is named this way will be answered. In Short Life you have to do your best to finish the level, all while dodging a myriad of dangers that abound in the levels. From sharp spikes to explosives and all sorts of other creative and deadly ways to die, each step you take in Short Life will make you wonder if it will be your last.

Don't expect your character to be an acrobat, who can dodge certain death in a quick manner. No, quite the contrary. The character that you play as in Short Life is just an average person. What will save your life will be the timing of your movements, as well as your overall strategy. Each obstacle you overcome means a new session of planning. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the level.

Play on a challenging but fun game and see how far can you get in Short Life.

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