Sorting Sorcery

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Chaos reigns in the mystical confines of the magic castle on when you play Sorting Sorcery, where you get to visit a whimsical realm where pots, crystals, mushrooms, and a plethora of enchanted ingredients are scattered haphazardly, awaiting the deft touch of a skilled sorcerer to restore order. It's a puzzling predicament, but fear not, for your organizational prowess is the key to untangling this magical mess. In each level of Sorting Sorcery, you'll find yourself faced with a unique challenge: to rearrange the bewitched items and restore harmony to the castle's storerooms. The clock is ticking, but don't let haste cloud your judgment. Efficiency is the name of the game here, as the fewer moves you make, the greater your mastery over the arcane arts will be.

As you delve deeper into the enchanted castle, you'll encounter an array of witchy, spooky, and downright mystical ingredients. From bubbling cauldrons to shimmering crystals, each item presents its own puzzle to solve. But fear not, intrepid sorcerer, for with careful planning and a touch of magic, you can earn three stars in every level and prove yourself as the ultimate sorter of sorcery. Of course, the graphics and sounds really lend a lot to the overall atmosphere of Sorting Sorcery, and you will quickly get pulled into the magical atmosphere that the game has prepared. And even though sorting can get difficult at times, especially in the later levels, the enchanting and relaxing gameplay will prove to be a great way to relax.

With fifty levels of magical mayhem to conquer, Sorting Sorcery promises hours of entertainment for witches, wizards, and puzzle enthusiasts alike. So sharpen your wands, dust off your spellbooks, and prepare to embark on a sorting adventure on The magic castle awaits, and only you can restore order to its mystical halls.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to select an item on the shelves and click on an empty spot on another shelf to place the item you have selected. Tap on these items if you are playing from a mobile device.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices