Abacus 3D

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Abacus 3D takes the classic abacus, which you might be familiar with from your math classes, and turns it into a fun playground. To progress through its levels, you have to move the pieces that are of the same color in such a way that they form a straight vertical line. If you succeed in doing this, the pieces will be eliminated from the abacus and you will score points.

While the starting levels of Abacus 3D are easy, that is because they introduce the mechanics and are meant to be a quick tutorial. The more you play, the more difficult the levels get, and you really need to think about where each piece should go. Luckily, Wordgames.com lets you retry the levels and find the solution.

Finish all the levels of Abacus 3D and see the abacus in a totally new way.

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