Craft Drill

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A thrilling adventure of discovery awaits you on, where you command a mighty drill to unveil concealed treasures beneath the earth's surface, in Craft Drill. Unleash the potential of your excavation prowess as you extract valuable resources such as coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. Elevate your drilling experience by upgrading your trusty tool and seamlessly switch between a variety of attachments, including wooden shovels, stone shovels, iron pickaxes, and diamond pickaxes, ensuring optimal efficiency in your pursuit of riches. Dive into a world of endless possibilities with the game's features. Witness the evolution of your drilling capabilities, progressing from a rudimentary tool to an unstoppable force that unlocks hidden potentials. The thrill of resource extraction awaits as you mine not only coal, iron, and gold but also the coveted diamonds, paving your way towards wealth and opulence in Craft Drill. Adapt and enhance your strategy by selecting the perfect attachment for the job, ensuring a seamless and rewarding extraction process.

Immerse yourself in the journey of enhancement as you evolve your drilling capabilities in Craft Drill. Experience the transition from a basic drilling tool to an unstoppable force, ready to conquer the depths and reveal the riches hidden within. As you delve into the heart of the earth to mine a spectrum of valuable resources, Craft Drill challenges you to constantly be on the lookout for the optimal way to extract these precious resources. From the essential coal and iron to the luxurious gold and diamonds, every extraction contributes to your wealth. Master the art of resource collection and become a formidable force in the pursuit of hidden treasures.

A strategic and exhilarating adventure, where every upgrade propels you further into the depths of prosperity, is here on With a versatile array of attachments at your disposal, the journey to uncovering hidden riches becomes a thrilling experience that will test your skills and determination. Will you emerge victorious, having harnessed the full potential of your drill, or will the depths prove to be an insurmountable challenge? The choice is yours as you embark on this mining odyssey in search of unparalleled wealth, in Craft Drill.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to maneuver the drill, and press the left mouse button on the various attachments to swap between them. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the screen and move your finger in the direction you want the drill to move, and tap on the attachments to select them.

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  • Play using the left mouse button if you are using a computer, or tap the screen if you are using a smartphone or tablet. For some games a keyboard is required. You can also find in-game instructions.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices