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Become the defender of Earth against a mighty alien invasion when you play Droid-O on Wordgames.com. In Droid-O it's just you and your ship against the ever-increasing horde of alien invaders, who will do whatever they can to get the rich natural resources that Earth has to offer.

The spaceship you pilot is easy to control, and this is vital for your survival, because in Droid-O you don't only have to shoot at the enemies, you also have to be sure that you don't collide with them. To go left or right you just drag your ship in the direction you want to move. Preferably away from your opponents.

The more you play, the more fierce the alien attack becomes, and your formidable defense skills will really be put to the ultimate test. To help you repel your foes you gain access to various helpful improvements that you can apply to your ship, that make you stronger in different ways, either by giving you all sorts of powerful weapons, like cannons or rockets, or give you defensive abilities like a powerful shield.

Protect Earth from its imminent destruction when you play Droid-O on Wordgames.com.

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