Lab Of The Living Dead

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When zombies are everywhere there is only one way out, and that is through sheer force of will, and by using all the weapons at your disposal. In Lab Of The Living Dead you are trapped in a laboratory, where a deadly virus has escaped, which has turned everyone around you into vicious zombies. In this situation, even if you are, at first, a little bit reluctant, you have to pick up the closest weapon that you can find, in this case an axe, and make your own escape route. And while that may mean that you have to leave behind all your former colleagues, it is way too late to save them.

In order to escape this deadly laboratory, you have to finish lots of missions, and in each of these you have an objective that you need to complete. While the conditions to win may differ, one thing stays the same, and that is the fact that you have to eliminate zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. And the more you play Lab Of The Living Dead, the more dangerous the zombies become. But not only the zombies become dangerous. The more you advance through the various areas of the lab, the greater the chances become that you can find all sorts of better weapons, that you can use against these fearless enemies. So while at first you have to wait for the zombies to get close to you and swing your axe at the right moment, after a while you will find more weapons, that you can use to easily dispatch your foes from a distance.

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How to play

This game can only be played by using a keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move left or right. Press the down arrow key to grab the weapons from the ground, and use the space key to shoot.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices