The Spear Stickman

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Ready, aim, fire! In The Spear Stickman you have to go through this sequence a lot and fast in order to vanquish your enemies. It's surprising how tense a duel situation can get when all you have to do is just stand still and fire. Surely not being able to dodge has something to do with it.

Start slow with only one enemy standing in front of you, but the better you do the more enemies come to take you down. Literally, take you down, as you both stand on a flimsy platform. Like you would expect, it really matters where you hit, so try to aim for the head to take your opponents down as fast as possible. And don't worry about ammo, as you have an unlimited supply of spears to eliminate whoever stands in your way.

Take aim and fire confidently and be the last one standing in The Spear Stickman!

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