Anagram Crossword

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Anagram Crossword is a great way to get accustomed to the wonderful world of anagrams, which are words that can be rearranged to create other words. It truly tests your vocabulary, but it also open the door to the English language in new and unexpected ways, because once you see how many words you can form from the same number of letters you might become addicted to taking this skill to the max and finding all the possible combinations.

Luckily on you can practice this skill in 30 puzzles when you try Anagram Crossword, a unique crossword puzzle game where anagrams are the key to winning. Simply put, the clue to finding the word is an anagram. If the word proves to be way too tricky, you can always use the help system, which will help you unravel the mysterious words that are giving you trouble.

Get better at anagrams and crossword puzzles at the same time when you play on!

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