Knot Logic

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Knot Logic is a game where you need to complete various puzzles by combining knots and fulfilling the final design. Figuring out how to solve every knot design is immersive and fun, it involves a lot of critical thinking, and it's one of those great experiences that you do not want to miss. Knot Logic has lots of levels you can use to test your puzzle solving skills, and all you have to do is to try out new things.

Knot Logic is one of those games where every level comes with its unique range of innovations and complexity. Your role is to unravel how you can finalize a design starting with a single block. Not only does Knot Logic enhance your creativity, but it always pushes the limits to innovate and create new solutions in your mind.

Only one of those is right, so with lots of trial and error you can finally solve every puzzle. And with dozens of great puzzles to try out, Knot Logic is always here to test your skills and improve upon them in an exciting and creative manner. Check it out right now and give it a shot, Knot Logic is one of those incredible, exciting games you do not want to miss, only on

How to play

Click on the hexagonal shapes to place them in the correct spot so that they form a continuous string.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices