Nerd To Popular Makeover Mania

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Step into the world of glam and transformation with Nerd To Popular Makeover Mania where Babs, the brainy beauty, is on a quest to turn heads and steal hearts at the prom ball. Get ready for a makeover adventure that will leave jaws dropping and sparks flying!

Babs kicks off her makeover journey at the dentist's office. From cleaning and filling to straightening and whitening, her teeth undergo a Hollywood-worthy transformation. Say hello to the perfect Hollywood smile!

A visit to the ENT specialist is next on the agenda. Babs gets her ear checked, and after a thorough cleaning and germ elimination, she emerges with perfect hearing. The better to hear the compliments with, my dear!

Babs indulges in a luxurious facial treatment to achieve that enviable glow. With the removal of blemishes and the application of hydrating creams, her skin becomes as smooth as silk. Get ready for that close-up!

The spa awaits Babs with open arms. A pampering session and a rejuvenating massage later, she's relaxed and ready to slay at the prom ball. Stress? What stress?

Babs heads to the nail salon for a fabulous manicure and pedicure. From choosing the perfect nail shape to experimenting with colors, she's on a mission for the ultimate nail glam. Bracelets, rings, and anklets follow suit.

For that extra edge, Babs ventures to the tattoo parlor. A variety of tattoo designs await her, and she selects the one that adds just the right amount of spice to her look.

The pinnacle of the makeover journey! Babs carefully selects the perfect dress, accessories, and hairstyle for the prom ball. The makeup station is a treasure trove of eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and more. With a stunning look, Babs is ready to captivate hearts.

In the grand finale, Babs catches the eye of her crush, who, realizing the error of his ways, reaches out to her. Will Babs give him a second chance? The ending is in your hands!

Finally, the player can download Babs' stunning new look to share with friends and family, spreading the magic of her transformation far and wide. Get ready for a prom night to remember!

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