Pixel Dash

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With its minimalist graphics and design, Pixel Dash immediately captures your attention. It asks that you perform precise jumps, and in order to navigate through the perilous environment each movement you make has to be carefully planned. There are spikes that abound each level, and to reach the platforms you don't only have to cross great distances, but you also have to avoid hitting these deadly spikes. Add to that platforms that move up and down, and suddenly reaching that final flag that denotes the end of the level gets more and more difficult.

Each level in Pixel Dash is short and you can replay it almost instantly if you don't manage to get to the next one. The good part is that each time you retry you refine your technique and you learn something new about the challenges you face. And with few moves at your disposal, it's usually just that you have to refine your movements in order to master the unique navigation each level asks of you. Another point with which Pixel Dash comes to your aid is the fact that the way the character moves is very intuitive and smooth, so you'll quickly learn the limits of your jump, as well as your dash and the inertia for each one of your inputs.

When you manage to quickly chain together your actions, the challenge of Pixel Dash will slowly fade away, and then what will keep you coming back might be the desire to finish each level as fast as possible. While the game might seem difficult, it can be also be a relaxing experience, because it really asks that you focus, and when you are focused on the level in front of you, you can get your mind off of all the worries that you might have.

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How to play

Pixel Dash can only be played by using a keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move around, press A or the up arrow to jump and press the S key to dash.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices.