Ram The Yoddha

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If you're wondering how Robin Hood got to be the best archer in England you can probably guess that it was because of his constant practice with the bow. Ram The Yoddha gives you the opportunity to train your aim and your skills with the bow, so that by the end of the game you can get a feel of what true mastery feels like.

In Ram The Yoddha you play as Lord Ram, a great archer, who must eliminate the evil army that is attacking your land. To repel the invaders you will have to aim and shoot them as fast as you can, because each shot is timed, and the timer is reset only after you took your shoot. But that doesn't mean that you can treat your bow like a machine gun, because you have a limited number of arrows.

From time to time special powers appear in the level and if you can successfully hit them you will gain a special ability that you can use to better clear the level of foes. And if you aim for the head you can instantly take down an enemy.

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