Sea Battleship

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Take command of your own naval fleet and engage in epic battles on the high seas in this thrilling adaptation of the classic Battleship game on! Sea Battleship invites you to step into the shoes of an admiral, ready to strategize, fire cannons, and sink enemy ships in a notepad-style gaming experience that will keep you engaged for hours. In Sea Battleship you have the choice of selecting from various game modes, each offering a unique challenge. Test your tactical prowess against the AI in single-player mode or engage in a heated naval showdown with a friend on the same device in two-player mode. The game offers the flexibility to adapt to your preferred style of play.

Before the battle begins, it's time to arrange your fleet on the grid, carefully plotting the positions of your ships. Precision and strategy are key as you place your vessels, each with its own unique size and shape. Once your armada is ready for action, it's time to set sail and confront your opponent's fleet. The heart of Sea Battleship lies in the art of deduction and tactical decision-making. With each turn, you'll guess the location of your opponent's ships on the grid, aiming to score direct hits and ultimately sink their vessels. The exhilarating rush of anticipation as you await the outcome of your shots is what makes Battleship games so captivating.

The thrill of combat is ever-present as you aim your cannons and make your best guesses. Victory hinges on your ability to outmaneuver your opponent and strategically eliminate their fleet before they can do the same to yours. It's a battle of wits and strategy on the high seas, and the fate of your armada rests in your hands. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of Sea Battleship, where the nostalgic notepad-style graphics add to the charm of the game. The crisp visuals and engaging sound effects recreate the excitement of naval warfare, offering an authentic and enjoyable Battleship experience on

Are you ready to take the helm and lead your fleet to victory? Sea Battleship promises an exhilarating and strategic gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Will you emerge as the ultimate naval commander, or will your armada be reduced to mere wreckage? The battles await on, Admiral!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with your fleet, and if you are playing from a mobile device tap the screen instead.

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  • Play using the left mouse button if you are using a computer, or tap the screen if you are using a smartphone or tablet. For some games a keyboard is required. You can also find in-game instructions.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices