Short Life 2

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Continue your adventures and dodge a gruesome and violent death when you play the next game in the Short Life series. Short Life 2 brings back the gameplay you are accustomed to, but with more traps and dangerous situations than ever before.

See what new creative ways the developers of Short Life 2 have thought of when you play this sequel and see how far you can survive in brand new levels. Just like its predecessor, in Short Life 2 you have to expect to die a few times in order to master the levels and learn how to overcome the dangers that lie between each obstacle you have conquered.

Like its predecessor, if you collide with an obstacle your run to the finish line might not be over, but expect the impact to have some effects. For example, the way you move changes drastically when your legs are sliced off by some blades. But if you can still think on your feet, you might just finish the level.

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