Stupid Zombies

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Zombies have overwhelmed humanity in Stupid Zombies and you are the only person staying between total annihilation and salvation. In other words, you bring hope. To help you in your quest to destroy the brainless zombies you have a shotgun to blast away all your opposition. But take care, ammunition is scarce and you have to aim very carefully so that the shots can bounce, ensuring that the environment can also help you on your mission.

Analyze each level and use all the items in it to the maximum. Maybe you can use some crates to crush some zombies, or shoot an exploding barrel to blow away multiple zombies at once.

In four gigantic stages you have to unleash devastation and eliminate all the zombies, and each level gets more exciting than the one before. Stupid Zombies really brings a lot of intense action, so come on over to and have fun whenever you need your fill of adrenaline.

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