Zoo Feeder

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Oh no, the animals from the zoo haven't been fed and they're starving! Luckily, you are nearby and can feed them quickly. Use your shovel to pick up all the tasty food from the ground and make sure that the animals eat up everything.

If you've ever been hungry you know that the quicker you eat, the quicker you will feel better, so in Zoo Feeder there is no standing around and waiting. No, you are on the run and you will have to use your shovel and move it from left to right and collect the delicious nourishment while on the go. It gives a new meaning to fast food!

If you get particularly good at this task and collect all the food in a section, your shovel becomes a powerful magnet, which will attract the food for you, lending you a helpful hand.

With the gems you collect you will soon be able to build a small zoo or get a new cool skin for your shovel.

Come over to Wordgames.com and bring a smile on the cute animals' faces!

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