99 Balls

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With its addictive gameplay 99 Balls is one of those games that will definitely make you want to play just one more round, to get a better score. But a better score isn't all that matters, as the strategic gameplay is very satisfying, especially once you master how to best plan your trajectories.

The game puts a unique spin on the classic Breakout, and that is that every block that you hit has to be hit a certain number of times in order for it to disappear. Those numbers are shown on the bricks. Another unique element is that you shoot more and more balls as you progress through the stage. And take into account that you can only select the trajectory, and you can't change from where the balls will launch. They always launch from the middle of the screen.

With a bit of Tetris inspiration added in, 99 Balls adopts a similar losing condition, and after each time you throw the balls the bricks slowly come towards the player, and the new bricks will always require more hits in order for them to disappear.

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