Pirate Cards

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Step in the shoes of a brave pirate captain and go exploring a far-away island full of dangers and, of course, lots of treasures, because fortune always favors the bold! Pirate Cards is, as you would expect, a card game. Its rules are simple: you can only move one step either to the right, to the left, up or down the board, until you run out of life points.

To plan your strategy and survive as long as possible, make sure to keep an eye out on how dangerous your enemies are and look at your own life points and plan wisely. You can shoot cannons, drink elixirs, equip shields and coins and when you see a barrel and are thinking of smashing it just be aware that it might contain some nasty surprises. But, again, sometimes fortune favors the bold, so it's best to take your chances, especially when on a deadly island!

Also, make sure to defeat bosses to upgrade your hero and open treasure chests by completing a mini game! Come on a great adventure on Wordgames.com in Pirate Cards!

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