Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer

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Gather your friends or play with people from all around the world an exciting card game on when you select Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer. A thrilling element of Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer is the multiplayer element added to it, so you can either play against an opponent controlled by the computer, or you can play against people from other places in the world. With its fun and easy to remember rules, as well as its beautiful, stylized graphics and expressive animations that will put a smile on your face, Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer is a great choice when you want to relax and have fun.

To win a round of Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer you have to be the first one to finish all of the cards that you have in your possession. Each round you get a fixed number of cards, and to get rid of them you have to put your cards in the stack on the table. Of course, if it were that easy, there would be no challenge and no fun element. There are certain rules that you must follow, and that is that you can only place one of your cards down if it has either the same color or the same value as the one that is already on the table. As each new card that is added to this stack can change what you need to place down, you will soon discover just how dynamic a round of Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer. Add to this various modifier cards that you or other players can get, and you'll see how fast you have to adapt if you want to win. These modifiers can either be cards that force other players to get two or three additional cards, as well as skip their turn, but also cards that can change the color of the card you have to place. The final score of the winner is determined by the total value of the cards the other players have, and the winner of the game is the first player who reaches 250 points. One important rule that you must always remember is that you have to indicate when you have a final card left, otherwise you will have to incur a penalty of getting two cards.

With its fun and fast gameplay, Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer is another fun card game that you can play on

How to play

Use the left mouse button to select and interact with the cards. Press the 1 key on your keyboard when you have one card remaining. If you are playing from a mobile device tap the screen to interact with the elements of the game.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices