Biker Type Racing

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You probably never thought that your typing speed can determine your bike speed, but in Biker Type Racing these two are closely tied to one another, and the faster you type the words on the screen the faster your bike will go, and the more distance you will put between yourself and the other racers.

Like in other sports, you can choose the difficulty of the competition, and in Biker Type Racing you can decide this by selecting how many letters the words you have to type will have. When you feel very comfortable, you can try and tackle the hardest difficulty, which asks that you type 8-letter words in order to gain speed.

With a variety of bikes that you can select from and the fact that each race will give you a different combination of words that you have to type, Biker Type Racing gives you a fresh experience each time you race. And you also improve your typing speed while having lots of fun.

Improve your typing speed when you play a fun bike game on

How to play

Type correctly as fast as you can the letters that are on the bottom of the screen in order to gain speed and win the race.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices