Lucky Life

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In Lucky Life you have to do whatever you can to survive the dangerous levels that the game has to offer. And if you don't like violence, then Lucky Life is definitely not the game for you, because things can get quite brutal, and there is lots of blood involved in the game.

In each level of Lucky Life there are various traps and things that don't even look that dangerous that are out to end your life. From spikes and exploding barrels full of deadly chemicals, to mines and other surprises, each step can be your last. Your only weapons in Lucky Life are your wits and your luck.

To finish a level, you have to crouch, jump or just run and get to the finish line. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you will have to restart the level a few times, which will let you memorize where the danger is.

Test your skills on and count yourself lucky that you are not in the shoes of the main character of Lucky Life.

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