Mahjong Games

Test your understanding of levels and pattern matching with this collection of Mahjong solitaire games.

Farm ConnectFarm Connect
Mahjong JongMahjong JongHot Game
Word MahjongWord Mahjong
Combo CrusaderCombo Crusader
Duck Pond MahjongDuck Pond Mahjong
Mahjongg AlchemyMahjongg Alchemy
Stone Age Mahjong ConnectStone Age Mahjong Connect
Jollyjong CatsJollyjong Cats
Triple MahjongTriple Mahjong
Mahjong CollisionMahjong Collision
Animals ConnectAnimals Connect
Mini MahjonggMini Mahjongg
Mediterranean MahjongMediterranean Mahjong
Mahjong MixMahjong Mix
Mahjong Knight's QuestMahjong Knight's Quest
3D Mahjong3D Mahjong
The Great MahjongThe Great Mahjong
Coffee MahjongCoffee Mahjong
Mahjong TowerMahjong Tower
Mahjong ClassicMahjong Classic
Classic Style MahjongClassic Style Mahjong
Musaic BoxMusaic Box
Easter MahjongEaster Mahjong
Epic Mahjong BattlesEpic Mahjong Battles
Mahjong AceMahjong Ace
Mahjong Christmas PuzzlesMahjong Christmas Puzzles
Moon Elf MahjongMoon Elf Mahjong
Mahjong 3D ConstructionMahjong 3D Construction
Mahjongg ArtifactsMahjongg Artifacts
Time CubesTime Cubes
Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
Shape MahjongShape Mahjong
Mahjongg Fortuna ProMahjongg Fortuna Pro
Connect DeluxeConnect Deluxe
Frozen MahjongFrozen Mahjong
Animals Connect 2Animals Connect 2
Draculi MahjongDraculi Mahjong
Playground MahjongPlayground Mahjong
Jolly Jong of Egyptian SandsJolly Jong of Egyptian Sands
Black and White Mahjong 2Black and White Mahjong 2
Fairy Triple MahjongFairy Triple Mahjong
Farm Flip MahjongFarm Flip Mahjong
Mayan MahjongMayan Mahjong
Crystal Hexajong 2Crystal Hexajong 2
Time MahjongTime Mahjong
Free Santa MahjongFree Santa Mahjong
Christmas ConnectChristmas Connect
Happy Easter MahjongHappy Easter Mahjong
Mahjong MatchingMahjong Matching
Dinosaur HexajongDinosaur Hexajong
Mahjong DiscoveryMahjong Discovery
Kids MahjongKids Mahjong
Four Seasons MahjongFour Seasons Mahjong
Toy Collection MahjongToy Collection Mahjong
Voyage TrijongVoyage Trijong
Free AliensFree Aliens
Mahjong SudokuMahjong Sudoku
Je t'aime MahjongJe t'aime Mahjong
3D Mahjong3D Mahjong
Mahjong BurgerMahjong Burger
Master Qwan's MahjonggMaster Qwan's Mahjongg
Looney Tunes MahjongLooney Tunes Mahjong
MahJong EmpireMahJong Empire
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